Top 10 Sydney Culture On this week 08/07/2018

Crawl out of your depressing beer-can fort, Sydney. It’s time to cram something other than mouldy pizza hut down your throat. You’re going cultural.


10) Top Dog Film Festival

15th July

Go anywhere without leaving your chair, and let your heart run free. But this time, you won’t have to block out the moans of your semi-obese dog you haven’t walked in 3 months. A little surround sound’ll shut him up.


9) Cat Cinema

10th July-12th Aug

Me-ow. And all the other sounds cats make that don’t sound remotely like that combination of syllables. Revel in the joys of investing in a feline over an infant child. There’ll be no petulant crying and infuriating gibberish to interrupt your film experience here. Just the occasional light fur-ball expulsion and skin laceration.


8) Bondi Winter Magic

10th-22nd July

The polar ice caps are melting. But we’ve kept our peckers up. And here’s how: Bondi’s giving us a little preview of the sea, sun, sand and ice fun we’ll be having thanks to the complete annihilation of the natural ecosystem!


7) Winterlight

10th-22nd July

Slicing through a big slab of ice on razor blades, hurling hardened rocks at your loved ones, sliding down a butt-paralysing slope, attempting to make light conversation last two full rotations on a giant ferris wheel and a feast of consumable flesh that’ll cozy up your arteries in no time. What more could you want?


6) Rigoletto

11th July-14th Aug

Glittering, greasy, lusty, severely deformed and harbouring an exquisite penchant for vengeance; it’s that drunken night you spent deep frying gummy bears next to a naked stranger at 2am brought to operatic life by the genius lilt of an Italian virtuoso.


5) Starburst: Icons of Chinese Cinema

10th July-26th Aug

Some of cinema’s most delicate, lyrical and oft passionately violent and grotesque actresses are curling their way into the Art Gallery of New South Wales. And they’re not even charging admission.


4) Bastille Day Soiree

14th July

Liberté! Égalité! Fraternité! Alcohol! Lasers! Electro! We’re pretty sure that’s the direct translation.


3) Bay City Rollers feat. Les McKeown Tour 

15th-28th July

Tartan may be dead, but these former teen sensations aren’t. Well, mostly. Rest in peace, Alan Longmuir. Raise your glass; raise your kilt to the skyrocket man.



8th-15th July

NAIDOC week is back. Time to pull your head out and stand up straight. And…maybe wash your hair. A full week of events; a full week to shake clean the etch-a-sketch of your conscience.


1) Scandinavian Film Festival

10th-29th July

Scandal doesn’t even begin to cover it; Ogooglebar.

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