Sydney Revellers Weekly Top 10 24/06/18

Lights out, Sydney. In the darkness we hunt.


10) The Bunk3r Takeover

29th-30th June

You’ve been biding your time, you sly fox, you. Bereft of joy since they’ve left their Oxford dungeon, you’ve been busy girding your loins for their comeback. And here they are. Bunk3r’s back; new amps, revamps, soft lamps.


9) Canvas 3rd Birthday

30th June-1st July

Aw, the little boy’s turning three! Fairy bread, paper crowns, vicious grinding house and garage assaults. You won’t want to miss this tyke’s birthday party, cause he’ll probably be spending the next ten years or so in some kind of institution and they don’t allow fairy bread. That’s how you get ants.


8) Sydney Underground Presents Romi, Black Tree and Special Guest

29th-30th June

Time to play, kiddies. In a hidden harbour cave is where you’ll find them head-banging, shoe-gazing, surrendering to sonic lust surrounded by walls of pop and urban art. Join them.


7) Sydney Soirée After Party

30th June-1st July

“Licence to thrill”. That’s how they phrase it. Sydney Soiree is throwing one hell of a get-together. Over two decadent floors, over 500 of Sydney’s finest young professionals will be displaying their conscientious work ethic. Luckily for you their job is to party.


6) Sex Panic

26th June

These guys are the savants of going batsh*t. You’re invited to the third Sex Panic. A night of wild experimentation, genre smashing performances and f*cking anarchy. This is a night of avid defiance against the purification of creativity. Time to get dirty. Time to get brilliant.


5) Maximum Joy: An Epic One Day Dance

1st-2nd July

6 rooms, 6 floors, 1 day. Ahh, the devil was so close. Unfortunately, this one reaches to the sky. From down in the dive bar all the way up to the rooftop, Kings Cross Hotel will be lit with Maximum Joy. Featuring the Australian debuts of the legendary Joe Claussell, Minimal Wave label boss Veronica Vasicka and some of the most impressive names from the Music From Memory camp, this is a music festival to satisfy your every-mainstream-genre desire and solve your chronic, itchy bar-hopping dilemma.


4) Canada Day Eve Snow Party

30th June-1st July

Oh, Canada. No longer is maple syrup your only unctuous tonic. You brought us Trudeau. Libations must be had in your honour! And…we will…yes…we will pay tribute to…Ice Hockey. To celebrate the launch of the Canadian Club Winter Garden and all of Canada’s most gooey and delightful offerings, dress in your winter snow gear and puff on down to King Street Wharf for the Afterparty they deserve.


3) Wonderland Party

29th-30th June

Goodness! We believe this, like the source material itself, does not require an exegesis. Simply put: Smoking teapot cocktails, an hour and a half of bottomless curated concoctions, an absinthe fountain and a roving magician amidst a projected discography of Alice in Wonderland films. Have you guessed the riddle yet?


2) DarkCinema #002

30th June

Create or die. Or get a menial job and subsist on spasms of joy whilst staying alive purely out of fear of the emptiness of the great abyss you’re not quite sure whether you’re already in or not. This, my friends, will be one of those spasms. This year’s DarkCinema invites an exquisite roster of musicians, artists, and performers for one extravagant soiree. Question the boundaries between material and digital and ponder the horrors of a technological dystopia in a hypnotic night of interactive installations, secret musical guests and improvisational art.


1) Keep Sydney Open’s Party Party

30th June-1st July

Keep Sydney Open is a revolt against the lock-out laws currently crushing Sydney’s nightlife and they’re putting their names on the ballot. Finally, a way to participate in politics without ingesting copious tumblers of gin and antacids.’s-Party-Party/66fef210-75d8-11e8-b2e5-cbd173431c8c

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