Sydney Revellers Weekly Top 10 17/06/18

Evening, revellers. This, the 3rd week of Winter will start with a giggle and end with a pacemaker. A tale of libations, gyrations and also the guy from INXS is there.


10) BCII Connect Freaky Friday Cruise

20th June

Time to get freaky. But definitely not with your own mother. …doesn’t anyone else have serious psychological issues with that movie? Anyway BCII is cruising for your fear and perhaps eventual funding as these business students get dark. Horrifically dark. Probably good preparation for all that insider trading.


9) Limehouse Creative After Party

20th June

Ah, the after party. A time-honoured tradition of unwinding via a few tumblers of liquid oblivion. Well these guys are doing it on a whole new level. Their business is the sexualisation of, amongst other things, the old water of life. So. Get the hell on their list because this invite is for the invited only. Want any more perks? These Limeys are experts at air brushing. A night, a tipple, a photo album you won’t have to violently repress the next morning.


8) Cocktail Hour at Queens

15th June-31st Dec

What’s that smell? A bloody barnyard? Yeah. It is. Also fish guts. Hey, woah. This is still classy as hell. After all you’re in the presence of a Queen. Every night from 8-9 Queens Hotel’s bar The Smelly Goat is presenting their cocktail hour; a menu of some of the most unconventional ingredients you will ever experience unless you go round to Heston Blumenthal’s house to borrow some sugar.


7) Bottoms Up Merivale

1st-30th June

A welcome gulp of disinterest in the world at large exists this month at Merivale’s bars. Bottoms up, gullets open. Between 5pm and 7pm every day this June, all drinks are 49% off. Though your liver may be screaming, your bank statement this month will certainly make you appear much more functional. Just…make sure you take out a tab.


6) The Squares Live Jazz

24th June

It’s hip to be square. Well, these Squares. There’s no Huey Lewis here. That’s two streets over in the dark soundproof alley. Turn your heart to gin amidst the live jazz bebop stylings of The Squares. A night of music and liquor as brilliantly syncopated as your heartbeat will be the next morning.


5) Ireland Rocks

23rd June

The Pogues, U2, The Cranberries, Van Morrison, The Undertones, The Script, The Corrs, The Frames, Ash, The Dubliners, The Chieftans, Sinead O’Conner, Snow Patrol, Christy Moore, Thin Lizzy, The Sawdoctors, Damien Rice. Ireland has birthed some of the greatest musicians of all time. Yeah, none of them are here. But some of their organs have flecked themselves across the globe. Ciaran Gribbin, Peter Northcote, Zoltan John Budal and Mark Oats form the band that’ll take you on a journey of Ireland’s musical opus, from the haunting traditional tales of woe, love, death and pestilence, to the modern pop and rock tales of woe, love, death and pestilence.


4) Homemade ft. Benibee

23rd-24th June

4 Dance floors, 2 R&B/Hip Hop rooms, one Deep House smoking balcony. It’s simple maths. Dance, genius.


3) Absorbed in Bass

23rd June

Descend into the London Underground. No, not the urine-soaked concrete tunnel littered with drug-addled vagrants and trainspotters,  the other one. Still can’t tell which one, can you? How about…it’s not the one that charges a minimum of 5 euros just to get to effing Essex. Absorbed in Bass present a night of Hardcore, Oldskool Jungle and Drum & Bass derived from the legend of nineties London pirate radio stations.


2) The Carter’s Birthday

The Carter presents the sexiest night you’ll ever spend inside a one-year-old. Celebrate the anniversary of the upscale Jay-Z named New York-inspired bar with model Tyson Beckford. The dresscode is ‘upscale fashionable’. The ethical code is blurry.


1) Brady AF

17th June

Let’s play…Hoedown! Oh god, not you you witless, talentless hack. No one wants to see that. Just sit down, shut up and watch the master. We’re referring, of course, to the god of improv, Wayne Brady. Trust us. This one is worth the price of the ticket.

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