Sydney Revellers Weekly Top 10 10/06/18

Welcome, revellers, to the launch of the beginning of the end feat. the beginning.


10) Happy Mag Issue 8 Launch

16th June

Bid farewell to Sydney Vivid, it’s time for these birds to shine. Happy Mag’s celebrating the launch of their inaugural photo issue between the legs of The Lady Hamphire. Dance into a pop-up exhibition designed by the Australian Centre for Photography featuring live projections and experimental light and be immersed in the sounds of Shining Bird’s first concert of 2018.


9) Vibe Positive: 4th Birthday – Day/Night Party

16th June

A 12 hour aural delight. They have stamina, these kids. But why wouldn’t they? They’re just 4 years old. Inside one of the grand dames of Sydney venues – 100-year old warehouse near Central Station – Vibe Positive will be holding their fourth annual famous day/night party. Welcome to the womb; they gestate for you.


8) Funk Engine Plays ‘Lettuce’ with Arcing Wires

15th June

Feeling a little too mature this year to celebrate a 4 year olds birthday? Spend the evening with these guys. They’re turning five. And their taste in music is undoubtedly ageing alongside them. Funk Engine brings the music of ‘lettuce’ in a live tribute to groove itself. Come on down to the ol’ 505. It’s almost 14 now.


7) HARDCORE SUPERSTAR w/ Bad Moon Born + Kvlts of Vice + Dept. of Gloom

14th June

Speaking of too mature, street metal rockers Hardcore Superstar are back and decadently hacking and slashing their way into the Oxford Art Factory for a night of sleaze and glam to tickle your ears and vibrate your extremities.


6) Live&Loud at The Burdekin

16th June

да. It’s about time. Druggist of Drum & Bass Enei returns with his own farewell to Vivid, alive with all the pulsations your inner ear can handle. Don’t let your other parts be jealous. Prouwl Studios’ spectacular visuals will attend lovingly to the pulsatory desires of your eyeballs too.


5) Live On The Golden Stage

16th June

A most elegant end. CLEWS takes to the stage for the Golden Age’s intimate, dreamy and undoubtedly cinematic adieu to the Vivid light festival. Brush aside the velvet curtains and move into a timeless world of dark shadows and secret mirrors.


4) St. Vincent

17th June

St. Vincent is coming to Sydney Vivid with a one-night-only performance at Carriageworks, sure to contemplate the cracks between us. This may be the only context in which it’s acceptable to do the robot, look at tightly spandexed ass and feel not in the least like a perverted relic. David Byrne was willing. Who are you to disagree?


3) Spike’s Juke Joint

16th June

Y’all take a chill. Now. Cause this’ll be a stone gas, honey. Celebrating Spike Lee’s latest thriller BlacKkKlansman, the SFF Hub’s “fir[ing] up the dancefloor with the funk, soul, disco and Blaxploitation music for a post-film boogie”. (Definition: Joint informal: An establishment of a specified kind, especially one where people meet for eating, drinking, or entertainment. Also can refer to a piece of creative work, especially a musical recording.)


2) A Vivid End

11th-16th June

It’s lights out at the end of this week. This is the last chance for you to wander the technicolour dreamscape for another year before the great darkness returns. The great…comparative…darkness. Hell. We’re only half way through this year.


1) Mazzy Star

11th-13th June

A riddle wrapped in an enigma wrapped in a mystery. Celebrating 25 years since the release of their album So Tonight That I Might See, Mazzy Star is manifesting at last in Sydney as part of Vivid Live. Haunting, beautiful and unlikely to ever return.

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