Sydney Revellers Weekly Top 10 01/07/18

The darkest month dawns. We know how you like it, Sydney.


10) SMS Launch Party

4th July

u mad bro? Us too. But we’ll not be for long. Sarcasm is our preferred method of displaying anger and frankly it’s totes impossible to communicate it via sms.


9) De Kroeg ‘Dutchy Party’

6th July

Go dutch. In other words: you won’t even have to make them breakfast the next morning.‘Dutchy-Party’/4ca5e9b0-7901-11e8-b2e5-cbd173431c8c


8) Fourth of July Festivities

4th July

Raise a glass to the best bits of the US before they, too, are engulfed in the seemingly unstoppable tidal wave of pure, stupid horror.


7) EMPIRE 50 Shades Of Winter 

6th July

Don’t be fooled by the title. There’s nothing pasty, unappealing or milquetoast about this one. It’s Sydney’s best RnB Hip Hop Rap Dancehall & Trap party for queer girls. Slide on over, kids. Pretty sure whoever named this’ll be fired by Friday morn.


6) XS Espresso Chocolate Festival

7th July

An event so overflowing with the sweetest of hellborn legal crack you needn’t even wear clothes*.

*There will be children present. Please. At least wear a poncho.


5) The Soda Factory’s Independence Day Party

4th July

Ahh, independence day. It’s made an appearance somewhere earlier on in this list, but the Soda Factory’s fare is somewhat different. Boozy floats, Red, White & Blue Cocktails, American beer; and enough artery clogging US fare to enable you to puke out the majority of your hangover before it even hits.’s-Independence-Day-Party/e2b5d3f0-7903-11e8-b2e5-cbd173431c8c


4) Edge Inner West Industry Launch

5th July

A moral oasis for all you filthy hedonists. Drag your dirty consciences to the Enmore Theatre for the launch of the Inner West’s new arts initiative. They’ve been an unwilling audience to far too many of your spontaneous late night Liza Minelli tributes. Give back.


3) Up Late and Uncut

6th July

Lovers, lusters, bumpers, grinders…dive in. Porcelain Alice and Memphis Mae bring you the most sensuous, decadent burlesque experience to ever straddle your Friday eve.


2) Princess & Pornstars

7th July

Ahh. This is one that explains itself better than we ever could. “The Halloween Whores crew return with one sexy mid winter warmer. Lubricated by our usual themed antics across 3 throbbing levels, with 7 pulsating DJ’s and sticky climaxes throughout the night…Get ready for maximum pleasure”.


1) Night of the Tentacle – Hentai Themed Play Party

6th July

Alak, we spoke too soon. This is the second one that…well…read on:

“”Hentai” – any type of perverse or bizarre sexual desire or act. (jap). Tentacles! Nuns! School girls! Aliens! Cat girls! Futanari! Deliciously depraved cosplay. Come and celebrate bizarre perversity with a Japanese bent! Turn up as your favourite anime/manga character, run with the theme in your own way or be your sexy self. So come, explore your dark desires at Sanctuary on the Night of the Tentacle!” Honestly, you’d be insane if you could resist this one.

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