Sydney Revellers Top 10 Weekly 27/05/18

Drink, dance, don’t stop at third base. Oncomau presents this week’s vividly hot dates. Coach’ll be waving you in, slugger.


10) Black by Fireball Whiskey

From 17th May

Expand your repertoire and get drunk with the new kid in the old block for a marginally less expensive amount to the sounds of marginally experimental live DJs.


9) Live music Thursdays Kittyhawk

From 19th May

This kitten’s got talons. Custom cocktails, over nine hundred spirits, Parisian street food and a French military inspired aestheic; a bar just incongruous enough to be as palatable as it is pretentious. Liberte! Egalite! Gueule de Bois!


8) Jet Get Re-Born

31st May

Yes. They’re back. They’re re-born and they’re encouraging you to bring your pre-8th gen iPods. This is one of the few times you can legitimately claim to experience nostalgia. Don’t miss out, kids.


7) Dreams

29th May

Do you hear? The sounds of a synth making love to an encephalitic cat? Silverchair’s Daniel Johns (aka Dr Dreams) and Empire of The Sun’s Luke Steele (aka Miracle) are coming to the Opera House in an electro-pop collaboration to vibrate your very spleen.


6) The Consouls

28th May

The confluence of three perfectly balanced hipster fetishes: video games, indie instruments and jazz. It’s the veritable bowler hat-trick.


5) Sweethearts Rooftop Cinema

29th-30th May

Cheap date, trick. Ditch the secret flask. At this cinema, consumption of hard liquor is actively encouraged. So you may bring your sweetheart, but better yet, purchase one at the bar. 4-7pm Happy Hour.


4) The Spirit of Fun Luna Park

25th May-16th June

Vivid’s experimenting with its boundaries and this year its limbs are spread all over the toothy face of our iconic lady Luna. Located on Luna Park’s Coney Island, Spirit of Fun is a grand installation that brings to life the park’s artworks, characters and soul. No biting.


3) Solange

1st-4th June

The heir apparent of R&B is coming to Vivid with her politically charged pop to confuse genre labels and sell tickets. Expressions of personal style are not expressly forbidden, however, a strict dress code will be enforced.


2) Ice Cube

25th-28th May

Did we say politically charged? Straight Outta Compton, Ice Cube is exploding onto the mean carpeted steps of the Sydney Concert Hall. Bring your opera glasses.


1) Vivid

25th May-16th June

Vivid Sydney. It’s an iconic event and simply standing on the harbour is an experience in itself. Be there.

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