Sydney Indie Film Fest (As In Festering In Your Loneliness Is Only Slightly Less Prefereable)

Indie film.

Wait, don’t leave.

If you do, they’ll be shattered.

Yes, Indie film, that thing that makes you feel like a cultured human being when you watch it, but afterwards you think ‘why did I just spend 20 dollars watching a man dissect a fish whilst sexually fantasising about his dead mother?’.

Well, good news for you. This only costs 12 dollars.

And better news – it’s a Halloween event.

Featuring the horror shorts: “Alfred J Hemlock” “Bad Hombres, Best Men” “Boxes” “Colony” “Creak” “Cut Off” “Evicted” “Porcelain Stare” “Roll a seven go to heaven” “Save” “Saving Mercury” and “The Forgotten Children”.

And a Q&A with the filmmakers.

Because if there’s anything better than watching a badly shot inevitable tribute to Godard, it’s having to listen to a lecture from a modern day 20 year old on why Godard is invaluable, as well as the opinions on politics from the mouth of their girlfriend or boyfriend during sex.

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