Sydney Film Festival: The Classics

Charge your phones and your heels because it’s time to get classy, Sydney! For one of the most beautiful and brilliant events in Sydney’s history. In this writer’s opinion, you may want to pack some extra lipstick.

Because a charged phone is a challenge, lipstick is a useful writing tool (here’s to all the non-haemophiliacs…) and, hell, you still need to look sexy. Who else is going to say “…Hello?”

The Sydney Film Festival’s offshoot is here and they just…won’t…die.

Freak Me Out is a staple of the SFF. And they will lovingly staple whatever organ is available.

One of Us. Gooble Gobble.

If not, I hear Brian in accounting is really into you.

You really should talk to him and set up a date. I know a place.

It’s a really romantic cabin.

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