Sydney Cultural Weekly Top 10 24/06/18

Purge your breakfast, Sydney. This week’s a cultural smorgasbord you’ll want to take full advantage of.


10) Cheers Bar Live World Cup

27th June

Making your way in the world today takes everything you got. Taking a break from all your worries sure would help a lot. So, forget your horrific life of drudgery and release those years of pent up violent murderous energy in a socially acceptable format. Come on down to Cheers for the Australia vs Peru World Cup match. The more profanities you use, the less ironically phrased honorifics for your boss the next day.


9) 40 Years of Love

24th June-1st Sep

3 stories of a million stories. Taylor Square is celebrating the 40th anniversary of the political, cultural, sexual and human rights revolution that occurred on the 24th of June 1978 with a brilliant huge interactive inflatable installation. This is not only a celebration, but a staunch reminder that there is a long way to go. Also…it’s kind of really plushy.


8) Archibald, Wynne and Sulman Prizes 2018

24th June-9th Sep

Ego need a boost? Well, adjust your bow tie and exercise your capacity for disdain because it’s time for you to impose your uneducated, unaccomplished opinion upon those who dared to create in your presence. The Archibald, Wynne and Sulman Prizes exhibition is an annual exhibition eagerly anticipated by artists and audiences alike. And this is your time to cast your vote for the most artistically valid entry, you philistine.


7) 2018 Actors Centre Graduate Industry Showcase

26th June

Speaking of which, turn your vitriol upon the younger generation. Those budding talents, so full of hope and promise…really need to be taken down a peg or two. Enter the 2018 actors industry showcase. A night of the newest talent; a night of delicious shameful judgement.


6) Carriageworks Farmers’ Market

26th June

Face it, your internal organs are a mess. And that night you spent chasing whisky with cocaine hot sauce shooters didn’t help. You need a good clean out. Come down to Carriageworks Farmers’ Market and purchase salvation in the form of organic and bio-dynamic foods. If you won’t make the switch for good, at least for this week, your toilet will experience some respite.


5) Drag Brunch

1st July

Slay, darlings. Slay like the machinery that made the sausages and bacon you’ll be cramming down your gullet to soften the blow of bottomless Mimosas, Bloody Marys, Champagnes and Beers. Drag brunch is the most fabulous way to consume your coiffe of the dog.


4) Blues & Mulled Wine Night

29th June

Take some time. Mull over your indiscretions to the sound of others sorrow and suffering. It’s a perfect night of hollow introspective low-lit depression that will really help you pull on tinder. Just make sure it looks like you didn’t know your photo was being taken.


3) Winter Member Magic Closing Night 

30th June

An explosion of artistic experimentation meets its end. Thank hell, we were starting to feel insecure. It’s Winter Member Magic Exhibition’s Closing night, so come, immerse yourself in the artistic community. …Maybe give a quick look at the Exhibition’s program guide so you know enough to appear as though you’re not just there to drink yourself into oblivion in your top hat and monocle.


2) Sweet Street

29th June

The biggest sweet festival of the year is back for its fifth year including culinary gods Adriano Zumbo, Blackstar Pastry, MakMak Macarons, Petal Met Sugar, Butter and Koi Dessert Bar. So cruise on down the sweet street. Though…maybe make sure you’ve got full dental first.


1) Lano & Woodley FLY

27th June-8th July

It took them bloody long enough. The pride of Australian comedy have finally reunited, and there is no direct corollary between their reunion and their lack of success following their parting. No one can possibly prove that. The brilliantly physical (and absolutely mental) comedy duo Lano and Woodley are back and taking their show FLY on tour.They haven’t lost any of their genius. The only regret we should feel is for the the 12 years we spent languishing in the pit of gap-toothed comedy substitutes.

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