Sydney Cultural Weekly Top 10 17/06/18

Winter lethargy setting in? We at oncomau are here to sucker-punch you out of malaise and into the world of intellect and excess. Something brilliant is oozing across Sydney, and it’s not your mucus.


10) Henry VR

15th June-9th Sep

A notorious glutton, church-dissenter and wife-murderer…in technicolour. Investigate this fat pervert’s world in groundbreaking VR. Stare into his piggy little eyes and discover a network of information through the tech of particles accelerators, scanning electron microscopes, virtual objects and elemental maps that paint (in a manner of speaking) the king’s sociocultural context and that of the artists.


9) Anime Architecture

1st June-11th Aug

Speaking of exploring sociocultural architectural guts, Anime Architecture traces the world-building process of Japan’s quasi-rebellious, cyberpunk answer to science fiction. Discover the blood, sweat and carpal tunnel syndrome (in the form of photographs and concept sketches through to anime cells) behind one of the most daring and beautiful art forms of the 21st Century.


8) Refugee Film Festival

21st-24th June

Sanctuary! …is something no person can claim anymore. Though Disney is one of the prevalent evil totalitarian forces in the world today, apparently, we still haven’t learned from one of its most beautiful portraits of acceptance of perceived outsiders. So this event is clearly necessary. “The Festival will be screening films featuring the turbulent and harrowing stories of refugees fleeing conflict for the safety of themselves and their families”. As an adult, the only ignorance you should be proud of is being ignorant of post-season 3 Family Guy.


7) Priscilla Queen of the Desert

24th May-19th July

Yas Queen! In a spectacular moment of life resembling art, the sequinned goddesses are back in town from a long stint on Broadway and around the world having lost nothing but residual timidity. Yes, we’ve mentioned this one before. But the reviews are truly brilliant. Don’t miss out.


6) Bottoms Up Merivale

1st-30th June

A welcome gulp of disinterest in the world at large exists this month at Merivale’s bars. Bottoms up, gullets open. Between 5pm and 7pm every day this June, all drinks are 49% off. Though your liver may be screaming, your bank statement this month will certainly make you appear much more functional. Just…make sure you take out a tab.


5) Bacon Ooze Festival

15th-26th June

Look at you. You’re pathetic. Look at how empty your arteries are. You’re not even at risk of a massive coronary. Oh, dry your tears, we’re here to help. For the rest of this month, Cuckoo Callay is continuing is loving tribute to bacon with an all-bacon menu. And it’s not just for your insides. Your outsides will also be surrounded by the corpses of swine with mini-clothes lines of bacon adorning the cafe itself. Two limb minimum.


4) Blak Box

2nd-24th June

Calling all guilt-ridden Westerners. Whilst you were tipping your hat and pint glasses to the Crown, Blak Box was sitting quietly in Barangaroo, waiting to confront your happy ignorance.  Immerse yourself in the Blak Box – a simulation of the First Peoples’ concept of ‘deep listening’. Further other works in tandum with Blak Box offer “a sound stream of consciousness blending stories of the past (echo), the present (hum) and an imagined future (chorus)”.


3) Molière’s The Hypochondriac

9th June-1st July

High invalids, children sold for state-sanctioned drugs, and rebellious housekeepers. This one’s got it all. A play so fixated on over-consumption of its own satire, the creator collapsed and died during its forth performance. Brace yourself, for Bell on Moliere’ll really pump your gnads.’s-The-Hypochondriac/a02a9740-703a-11e8-b2e5-cbd173431c8c


2) Michael Bolton Symphony Tour

22nd June

Sonic indulgence. Michael Bolton brings the sweet and husky sound of your parents’ anniversary to Hamer Hall with a flowing, symphonic spin. Like an old friend who left three years ago and came back with a bloody violin.


1) Good Food & Wine Show

22nd-24th June

Come carnivores, omnivores and others alike to explore Sydney’s seaside streets that, this winter, will be adorned with an excess of gourmet fare, guiding you through 3 days of trail-blazing glut. Then, balance your severely impacted colon with a myriad of labs, workshops and tastings dedicated to the age old intestinal and verbal laxative: alcohol. Whip out your knives, forks and angioplasties. It’s dough time. (Also every other food you can think of.)

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