Sydney Cultural Weekly Top 10 10/06/18

Cock your saline gun. This week your brain will be taking your eyeballs on one chaotic trip.


10) Mummy, Can I Marry My Avatar?

16th June

AI-ay-ay. To hell with spiritual duality. The singularity is fast approaching and that means less pretending to be a good person and more emotionally present robot sex. As part of Vivid Ideas “a panel of experts and thought leaders will join a live interactive, photo-realistic computer-generated digital person on stage to look at the long-term ethical and social issues we will be facing with digital humans”.


9) From Sand to Celluloid

14th June

Ever used the phrase ‘get woke’? Atone for your hypocrisy and support the artistic endeavours of Australia’s indigenous community. Five short films – Fly Peewee, Fly!No Way to ForgetPaybackRound Up and Two Bob Mermaid – released in 1995 and 1996 will be screened as the first instalment of a series of film sessions that track the contributions Indigenous film makers have made to the landscape of Australian cinema. It’s only an hour and twenty minutes and there’s candy at the concession.


8) Ian McPherson Memorial Lecture 2018

16th June

Ah, At The Movies. Whether you identified more with David or Margaret, one thing’s for certain. You miss the hell out of that show. Revisit the heady times of the earl(ier) 2000s with David Stratton while, as part of the Ian McPherson Memorial Lecture, he conducts a conversation with Robert Connolly of Deep State fame.


7) Cinema Love: 65 Years of SFF

14th June

Someone’s turning 65 and is somehow more progressive and experimental than ever without that emotional bugbear of being utterly pathetic. Join SFF guests, including Pen-ek Ratanaruang (Samui Song), and Australian film writers as they discuss the worldwide cinema obsession.


6) Meet the Filmmakers at Dendy Newtown

16th June

They say never meet your heroes. Good advice. These guys aren’t heroes. In fact they’re morally ambiguous and barely functioning, as all the most interesting human beings are. The University of Sydney presents Richard Kuipers joined by the University’s horror experts, Dr Bruce Isaacs and Dr Olivia Oliver-Hopkins as they discuss all things Freak Me Out before the screening of Ant Timpson’s new film The Field Guide to Evil.


5) Dendy Awards for Australian Short Films

16th-17th June

A concentrated shot directly to your eyeballs of the newest folks on the Australian short film scene. The SFF’s short film competition has launched careers; all finalists screen together in two sessions. So be cultured, support the arts…get a head start in being able to say ‘I knew them before they were famous’.


4) Lexus Australia Short Film Fellowship Gala Screening

12th June

Speaking of being cultured and supporting the arts; be judgemental and support your own ego. The Lexus Australia Short Film Fellowship Gala Screening affords the opportunity to judge whether the 200000 dollar Lexus Fellowship has bore fruit as delicious as the ones that have be crushed to make the champagne you’ll be sipping.


3) Live On The Golden Stage

16th June

A most elegant end. CLEWS takes to the stage for the Golden Age’s intimate, dreamy and undoubtedly cinematic adieu to the Vivid light festival. Brush aside the velvet curtains and move into a timeless world of dark shadows and secret mirrors.


2) A Vivid End

11th-16th June

It’s lights out at the end of this week. This is the last chance for you to wander the technicolour dreamscape for another year before the great darkness returns. The great…comparative…darkness. Hell. We’re only half way through this year.


1) A Graphic End

17th June

Complement the final film of SFF 2018 – Hearts Beat Loud – with a dual raise in blood pressure. Closing Night will feature a gala with drinks and an awards ceremony. Place all bets now. Twenty bucks on the grand prize for that film where those people come to terms with things.

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