Sydney Cultural Weekly Top 10 01/07/18

A week of deference; a week of decadence. Find your centre. Then cram it full of wine and mini hotdogs.


10) Addison Road Street Food Markets

7th July

Spent one too many introspective moments staring down the barrel of a Heinz big and chunky? Kerb that hollow gravy-scented depression with a Street Market under the stars. In the velvety cloak of the night you won’t even be aware of the combination of fear and laziness that prevents you from actually travelling to other countries.


9) Glebe Community Day

6th July

Balance your karmic chequebook. For free! Next week is NAIDOC week, so ready your furry palate with a day of culture, music, art and food. This is also one for the family. Two birds, one stone.


8) Ugly Sweater Mixer

6th July

This time, kids, having the ugliest one at the bar wrapped around you won’t just win you a bet, it’ll win you a prize at the door.


7) Dark Emu

1st-14th July

A lithe dance exploration of the vital life force of flora and fauna to wake you from your petty slumber and inspire you to buy one hell of a long term gym membership.


6) NAIDOC Art Fair

1st July

So you’ve balanced your karmic chequebook. with this one, you’ll be in the black. Explore the talent of remote indigenous artists and the world to which you have been blinded by a miasma of wilful ignorance.


5) Wine Wednesday at DD HQ

4th July

Cruise the hump with a jump in liver enzymes.


4) Truffle Dinner

5th July

A night of decadent fungus. No, this isn’t your rich aunt’s wake. This is a carefully curated six-course love affair with the truffle. Ditching the curly wurly for the lindt doesn’t seem all that classy now, does it, slugger?


3) Sounds on the Terrace: Vast Hill

4th July

Don the silken scarf and sashay on down to the Museum of Contemporary Art for an exhibition you’ll be able to instagram the hell out of. Relax with the night to the electric synth sounds of Vast Hill on the sculpture terrace. Make sure you hit the low light just right so you capture your best expression of slavish adherence to the nouveau art scene.


2) Snatch’d Tour

6th July

3 of the fiercest drag acts to ever pound the runway are sashaying into Sydney. “Mariah Balenciaga, of the legendary house of Balenciaga, Mayhem Miller, the SoCal icon, the hardest working Queen in West Hollywood and the Queen of the Party and Vivacious, the living work of art, Club Kid icon, and legendary drag ambassador” will be erecting (amongst other things) the chaotically fabulous house of your wildest fantasies.’d-Tour/bc0af900-78f0-11e8-b2e5-cbd173431c8c


1) Fourth of July Festivities

4th July

Raise a glass to the best bits of the good ol’ US of A before they, too, are engulfed in the seemingly unstoppable tidal wave of pure, stupid horror.

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