Sydney Cultural Top 10 Weekly 27/05/18

Sequins, salons, sickening hangovers. Oncomau presents the cream of the Sydney cultural crop this week.


10) A-Pho-Retivo at The Dolphin

27th May

Never has excessive pretence been so affordable. On the 27th of May, teeter unconfusingly on the edge of Autumn and Winter, in a Maritime-themed restaurant with a tribute to Vietnamese cuisine via an Italian culinary concept. Featuring guest chef Pasi Petanen. Classic.


9) APIA Good Times

2nd-9th June

Rinse out your teeth and sequins because the all-star combination of Brian Cadd, Marcia Hines, Russell Morris, Leo Sayer and John Paul Young will be taking to the stage in a well-controlled tribute to classic pop. Medics on hand should the jive prove too stimulating.


8) Jimmy Barnes: Working Class Man

2nd June

Barnesy’s stripping in an intimate space. So, please, leave your visual corrective devices at home and turn up your hearing aids. Don’t miss this classic rocker’s musical accompaniment to his autobiographical literary opus.


7) Australian Wine Month

27th May

Get wet. Get your palates wet, your glasses wet and, after a few hours, your shoes wet too. Speaking of which, you may want to choose to don the darker Winter fashions. A pre-emptive night of utter class followed by an morning of an…alternate milieu.


6) Salon des Refuseés

27th May-29th July

The alternative tonic to the Archibald Prize, experience the works not in the official display chosen by a panel directed to find works of quality, diversity, humour and innovation. If you’ve ever felt intimidated by the artistic talent of the Archibald winners, get ready to have any semblance of self-worth castrated by the artistic talent of the Archibald losers.


5) Priscilla Queen of the Desert

24th May-19th July

Yas Queen! In a spectacular moment of life resembling art, the sequinned goddesses are back in town from a long stint on Broadway and around the world having lost nothing but residual timidity. Finally!


4) Book of Mormon

24th May-2nd Sep

You’ve heard the hype. And it’s still one of the most brilliant ways to spend an evening. Every one knows it. In fact, tickets are already pretty much sold out. Hasa Diga Eebowai.


3) Art After Hours

30th May

Ever been in an echoing gallery experiencing a long-winded exhibition exegesis and caught yourself thinking about your own mortality? Well, don’t be shy, share the experience! Feed your barbaric necrophilic tendencies in a more than socially acceptable context with the Art Gallery of NSW’s Vivid Art After Hours Wednesday evening exploration of death.


2) German Film Festival

27th May-6th June

Don’t mention the war! It’s passé, you troglodyte. The German Film Festival returns to Sydney bringing with it some of the most innovative and experimental film . Don’t worry though, they haven’t nixed all the classics. There’s still at least 5 umlauts in active use.


1) Vivid

27th May-16th June

Vivid Sydney. It’s an iconic event and simply standing on the harbour is an experience in itself. Be there.

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