Sydney Cultural Top 10 Weekly 03/06/18

Winter’s upon us. Oncomau is here with a cultural soup to heat your intellect and shift your mucus.


10) Design Can Save Your Life How Can Creativity Improve Comprehension of Health Data?

8th June

A clinical exegesis of complex statistical analysis delves into the realm of medical marajuana. Statistics are an impressive party trick. Even more impressive when the rest of the general conversation peaks at the consistency of dorito marshmallow nachos and random plot strands of Mr Robot.


9) Your Data Built Our Presentation

30th May-3rd June

A more than delightful take on the horror of a Skynet reality, the Vivid creators take a look at how “From every social media mention, every search, and everything you browse, we can build an intricate picture of what really matters and inspires you about the event”. You won’t know it’s happened when it happens but at least you can count yourself marginally more aware of it in some sense. Also, it’s Vivid. Focus on the pretty lights.


8) Coding Workshops for Adults

10th June

Don’t feel ashamed. Yes, it’s been a long time since you’ve had to start at the beginning, but this time it’s different. You’re starting on a journey with the knowledge that you will die long before you’re able to reach the level of expertise shared by a significant portion of the under 15 age group.


7) Democracy is Being Disrupted Governing in the 21st Century

5th June

Now, here’s one for everyone. A look at how an expansive new digital reality creates a more participatory system for the little guys. But don’t worry, the little guys aren’t invited to this one. This is a professional development event for government executives and advisors.


6) What’s Your +AQ? Get Yourself and Your Organisation Fit for Innovation

7th June

Ever been employed by a company that forces you to take test after test to quantify your usefulness as a human being based on the entirely arbitrary measures of IQ and EQ? This one’s for you! The Positive Ambiguity Index (known as +AQ) “identifies critical attitudinal barriers and enablers within a dynamic scoring system to help you lead for and deliver innovation”. It’s pretty much a stop gap solution until the mind control devices are cleared by legal.


5) The VR Music Festival Experience at Carriageworks

From 2nd June onwards

It’s about damn time for this hard left. Immerse yourself in an interactive VR Concert Experience that fuses music, sound effects, 3D animation, audio visualizations, haptics and motion capture. Luckily we don’t believe they’ve been able to simulate the environment your smell receptors usually experience.


4) Extended Q&A: Soda_Jerk

7th June

Equal parts political satire, eco-horror and road movie, TERROR NULLIUS is a rogue remapping of national mythology, where a misogynistic remark is met with the sharp beak of a bird, feminist bike gangs rampage and bicentenary celebrations are ravaged by flesh-eating sheep”. Experience film historiography like never before with these monumental jerk-offs.


3) Freak Me Out

6th-17th June

Freak Me Out is back as the quiet neighbour (who always seemed so normal) of the Sydney Film Festival. Horror anthologies lead the way this year. Better bring a towel. No part of you will be dry after this. It’s time to get freaky in the grindhouse.


2) Animation After Dark

6th June

Speaking of that homicidal neighbour, meet his secret progeny. Overflowing with demented charm, Animation after Dark is for the child inside you. Your parents probably should have hired an accredited therapist after your incident with that dog.


1) Sydney Film Festival Opening Night Gala

6th June

From eyeballs to shoulders, you’ll be rubbing all kinds of things at this soiree. Drink cocktails and sample canapes beneath one of the most impressive organs you will ever see outside of a Sydney International Airport T1 bathroom.

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