Sweet As, Bro

This is a festival dedicated to all things sweet. But don’t worry, Miss Shirley Temple will not be re-animated.  You need not feel guilty about the compulsion to pull her hair or her teeth because she has nothing to do with this festival.

Except the fact that this is going to be….

A sweet fucking trip.

The Sweet As Brisbane Dessert Festival brings you a day full of delicious treats. There will be brownies, cheese, chocolate, coffee, cupcakes, doughnuts, gelatos, ice-creams, macarons, marsh mallows, meringues, popsicles, sorbets, waffles and more from an awesome line-up of Brisbane’s best dessert makers! 

They continue to describe it as a “judgement-free zone”.

So, feel free to open your veins.

Insulin is on hand.

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