Super Sounds of The Underground (feat. Jazz)

Get jazzed.


There’s no other way to describe this near-assaultive concentration of Jazz in one small area.

A new music festival devoted to genre-bending music in the jazz sphere and creative young artists pushing jazz music in bold and exciting directions is coming.

Avant-garde experimental Jazz.

…It’s like Andy Warhol covered in tiny Andy Warhols; so excessively redundant that it perfectly characterises the genre itself.

This inaugural festival will be headlined by NYC based guitarist/composer Rafiq Bhatia. His latest album Breaking English (2018) ruptures the hermetic vernacular of ambient sculpturalism with the emotional intensity of avant-garde jazz.

Alongside Bhatia, the festival will also feature a plethora of local Brisbane talent with performances from experimental groovers HRBRT, the afro-beat inspired Waqef, neo-soul group L-Flora, experimental solo saxophonist Andrew Ball, jazz/prog/hip-hop hybrid Pending? and newcomers on the experimental jazz scene Flying Nimbus.


We didn’t think a genre that already incorporates 3 hour improvised noodling breaks could be pushed any further. But here’s the proof.

No wonder cocaine use was so prevalent in Jazz’s heyday. How else would they stay awake?

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