Summer Foam Party! Don’t Worry, It’s Not A Rabies Outbreak Caused By Anti-Vaxxers…Yet


Barbecues, sweat, violently deluding yourself that the world isn’t facing an environmental crisis…

Well, to be fair, there’s no crisis that can’t be forgotten in laughter, family, and drinking until you can’t quite establish the origin of either of them.

It’s that time of year again, Sydney!

And for those who like it wet and wild on the dance floor, now’s your chance to be slathered from head to toe at Sydney’s craziest foam party.

What better way to ring in the festive season of family, sentiment and childhood nostalgia?

Get wet. Get wild. Rub yourself against strangers in a felucia of tiny bubbles.

For all too soon it’ll be 2019.

When there’ll be a mass extinction as the result of an environmental catastrophe, the rise of A.I., or Cher going on tour again.

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