Subsonic – Subbing In For The Sound of The World Screaming In Pain

Electronic music sounds pretty benign when you consider each term without prejudice.

We use electronic products everyday.

We also enjoy the music of Simon and Garfunkel (in that order).

But somehow when you add the word ‘festival’ to the end, it becomes populated with gigantic, imposing synths, noises akin to an air raid, a bass that will vibrate your bowels to an uncomfortable degree and a mass of people screaming, waving their arms and yelling at you to ‘party’.

Yes, the Subsonic music festival is here once again. It’s NSW’s biggest electronic music festival whose description is as follows:

A magical place… a transformative place… where the unsuspecting by day morphs into the inconceivable at night. Follow the beat of the drum and your heart and let the rhythm take you to your next chapter… Your next dance-floor…. Your next bassline romance. Your next encounter with a stranger… Future friend… Future soulmate…”

We’re not prone to illusions of empathy or false sentiment, but if you’re able to find your soulmate at this festival, well, we can’t help but find joy in the romance of two deaf people.

This year’s festival will feature the talents of Honey Dijon (Classic Records – US), Andhim (Get Physical/Monaberry – DE), Zip (Perlon – DE). Raresh (A:rpia:r/Metereze – RO). Move D (Source Records – DE), Subb-an (One Records – UK), Etapp Kyle (Ostgun Ton/Klockworks – UKR), Jayda G (Freakout Cult/1080p – CAN), Sammy Dee (Perlon/Pokerflat – DE), Fumiya Tanaka – (Perlon/Sundance – DE), Traumer (Gettraum – FR), Batu (Hessle Audio/Timedance – UK), Dannika Boss aka Monika Ross and Danni B (AU).

Pucker up, soulmates.

And we don’t just mean your sphincters.

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