Strictly Balls.

Just like mama used to make you watch.

Ever wanted to see Luhrman with increasingly less insidious assaults upon your capacity for excess?

Welcome, friend, brother, sister, dancer, lover, singer!

…To adaptation upon adaptation with all the swirling upon swirling colours that you can’t possibly have grown accustomed to unless you’re some kind of aurally deficient behemoth.

In the words of someone else, as is Luhrman doctrine, Strictly Ballroom the Musical’s website describes it as:

Adapted from Baz Luhrmann’s beloved and award-winning film, Strictly Ballroom has been transformed into a glorious stage musical. Combining the story’s heart, comedy and drama with white-hot dance, eye-popping costumes by four-time Oscar-winner Catherine Martin and over 40 classic chart hits including Time After Time, Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps and Love is in the Air, director and choreographer Drew McOnie has created an unforgettable production that will make your heart soar and your feet want to dance!

So gird your feet, your eyeballs and your loins.

This’ll jolt you out of whatever presence of mind you’ve established.

If nothing else.

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