Stressed? Get Pot-Valiant (It’s Not What You Think) At The Jacaranda Gin Fest!

When the bloom of the Jacaranda tree is near, Christmas time is…near-ish.

A candy-coated hell erected under a raging ball of fire in celebration of a morbidly obese home invader and Coca Cola.

…So let’s ring in the countdown to the season of hot shame with a nice big tumbler of gin.

Back for an epic second year, celebrations continue at Jacaranda Gin Festival at Newstead House, Brisbane’s oldest surviving residence since 1846.

Connecting with the iconic Newstead House, Jacaranda Gin Festival provides gin lovers with the opportunity to taste the best of craft and popular gins, direct from Australian and International distillers.

The all-day festival session is designed to savour the sunshine, delight the afternoon and smooth your way through to the evening.

Ah, yes. If there’s one thing that art from 18th Century England proved, it’s that the historical moment of a town gripped by the hell-storm of addiction is a moment to savour; a delightful and smooth transition into the twilight of a generation.

Time to play, all you nippitaty quaffers.

Archaic terminology. That’s how you robe destructive addiction with delight.

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