Strawberry Festival feat. Gastric Freak Out

Don’t worry. It’s not blood. Well, most of it’s not, anyway.

It’s the following day’s post-coffee bathroom affair as a result of…

An entire festival dedicated to a berry!

A non-Chuck Berry.

A non-Matt Berry.

You won’t even get a blueberry. Clearly a far superior berry.

However, what you will get is probably burned retinas because Brisbane will be exploding in a sea of red.

With farm fresh strawberry stalls, strawberry milkshakes, chocolate coated strawberries and the return of The Strawberry Patch Bar that will specialise in an all strawberries drinks menu.

So let your kids off their leashes and let them run rampant while you retire to the cocktail stand for the majority of the time. Don’t worry. It’s a festival dedicated to a fruit. Fruit is healthy.

You won’t even look negligent on the police’s kidnapping report.

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