Straighten Up and Fly Right with Stonefield’s ‘Bent’ World Tour!

Fan of ‘Ca Plane Pour Moi’ by Plastic Bertrand?

Do you sing it loudly in clubs whilst dancing around even though you don’t speak any French and have no idea what you’re saying or if what you’re saying are words?

That’s okay. Screw lyrics. Screw meaning. It’s more about the feeling, isn’t it?

….You’re going to love this band.

They’re called ‘Stonefield’.

These ‘psych-rock luminaries’ aren’t so much in favour of meaningful lyrics as they are in favour of wandering around in fields and abusing the pop-cultural relevance of VCR effects.

The first single ‘Sleep’ opens the album with which they’re touring with guitars covered in five inches of sludge and distortion and something that sounds like a far-off siren, or the high-pitched howling of the wind.

It serves as a warning, a call to arms, kicking things off with a next-level version of the massive, unholy racket the band has become known for over the course of their last three albums.

The above description beginning with ‘Sleep’ is not our own. It’s the band’s self-description.

It almost makes one think that they’re self-aware of the quality of their oeuvre, as it currently stands.

Which isn’t a shock.

The claim of self-awareness tends to go hand-in-hand with a lot of drugs.

As do a lot of drugs with generic stoner rock.

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