Stall Obsolescence at MIKA’s ‘Revelation’ Tour

The world is constantly expanding, and it is no longer acceptable to be unprepared for the effects of globalisation.

People have been born and died since its advent and even the most backwoods wood-cabin-full-of-dead-hitchhikers-dwelling inbred onion farmer has a Tinder profile (because physically scouting victims is unnecessary and time-consuming).

And yet, relevance is a phantasm.

New purchasable niche identities are being churned out exponentially, and as soon as you’ve invested thousands of dollars in that rare 19th Century typewriter, Instagram is flooded with pictures of sociopathic tweens posing with their 15th Century printing presses.

Unless you have the bottomless income and mountains of a cocaine-equivalent drug to be able to fund a schizophrenic lifestyle, your best hope of experiencing momentary relevance in whatever 24-hour epoch is currently occurring is by living vicariously for 3 hours through the most niche indie pop artist you can find.

Enter: MIKA’s ‘Revelation’ Tour.

Frontier Touring are thrilled to announce a February 2020 tour for international Lebanese-born English pop sensation MIKA, returning to Australia for the first time in 11 years and performing in New Zealand for the very first time. MIKA will headline four shows as part of his Revelation Tour in the wake of his fifth album My Name Is Michael Holbrook, described by Billboard as “his boldest record yet”.

The result of two years of songwriting in Miami and Tuscany, MIKA’s fifth and latest studio album My Name Is Michael Holbrook was recorded using vintage synths in Brussels with producers Marc Crew and Dan Priddy. The entire album features organic soundscapes which speak to various decades of pop and represent MIKA’s journey of self discovery. Tracks of note from this album include ‘Ice Cream’, ‘Tiny Love’, ‘Cry’ and ‘Platform Ballerina’, with MIKA’s “frankly empowering lyrics” [Gigwise], with respect to the beauty standards forced upon women.

Go on.

Prove you exist for three hours.

Do whatever the hell you want for the other seven hundred thousand, seven hundred and ninety-seven.‘Revelation’-Tour-(Brisbane)/aa3b6590-45e8-11ea-96b7-b132cf2a7536

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