Stability with Covid 19-Twenty Session 2.0

These are exceptional times and exceptions must be made.

We are all trapped inside, largely unused to such extended periods of our own company or, indeed, the company of those we live with.

This kind of scenario can bring out the worst in people and it’s important to remember, while the crystal jug thrown by the person you love most in the world flies through the air towards your head, that there will be a world after this. A world when the tilt of their nose and subsequent volume of their breathing sends you into little convulsions of pleasure rather than seizure-like convulsions of rage, because you’ve been able to spend more than one second away from their presence.

It’s also important to remember that times like this can bring out the so-called best in people. The “best” as dictated by the society of which we currently form a part. And that is something that is as equally rage-inducing now as it will be when COVID-19 is over.

Remember that with Covid 19-Twenty Session 2.0.

Yes, 19-Twenty is hosting Covid 19-Twenty Session 2.0, Under The Covers! Presenting your regular escape from the craziness of the world, this time you’re invited to watch, listen & get the fam together for 19-Twenty’s Under The Covers session! Playing 30 minutes of covers in Acoustic mode whilst in their PJ’s. It’s time to relax! Get comfy, crack the wine, get the kids on the couch and let 19-Twenty take your mind off things! Think MTV unplugged but with more ridiculously patterned pants.

Your cherished ones will be there when the dark days are over. They will recede from their current forms as screeching, gelatinous monsters inhaling every available resource in the vicinity back into the forms you love and fell in love with.

But 19-Twenty are what they are, always have been and always will be. Yet another overgrown indie band in folksy underpants. And that is a comfort.

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