Speak No Evil; There’s Enough Of It Going Around


It’s that thing you cherished in your youth because the inherent magic of being a witch or a member of Men Without Hats was still valid.

Then your mother or father or some figure of authority told you that you could not eat the candy because it may have knives or terrifying drugs inside it, you got angry, but not angry enough to mitigate your fear because this isn’t America, and you stopped trick-or-treating.

Enter, the adult affair.

A loud club with people who are all doing the opposite of what you were taught in childhood.

With a concoction that may indeed involve milk and candy, but not in the way you’d traditionally expect.

So, Sydney, celebrate Halloween in the only way an adult can.

With the launch of a new sound system in a club with live DJs and people who clearly have become so disaffected with the notion of Halloween they haven’t even tried to dress as a historically correct 17th Century witch.



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