Snatch the Queen’s Girdle with KIIS FM’s Virtual Prom

Humans are structurally fragile beings.

Of course, emotional fragility should be acknowledged as an inherent aspect of everyone’s psyche, but we’re referring specifically to the physical structure of a human body. Whether stabbed, crushed, steamrolled, thrown into a woodchipper or over-zealousness with a poppy, there’s a buffet of fatalities waiting to be sampled.

It’s a heartening thing to keep in mind.

It’s so easy to see those in power as something greater than a sack of fatty diseased organs because of the collective mindset keeping us all sane – that there is any meaning to any of this. In adulthood, we have to believe our own lives are of some significance to something and thus, others become significant by default.

There is no better time than this, when those we’ve put in power through the simple act of wanting to consider ourselves of any worth are more bombastic, valourised and villainised than ever, to reminisce upon a time when we knew that we were the only ones that existed and that everyone else was a blurry casserole of sex, money, drugs, pimple cream and crust-less sandwiches. In other words: teenage-hood.

Reminisce with KIIS FM’s Virtual Prom.

Social distancing measures around the world has meant that graduating high school students will not experience their high school proms and formals. So KIIS FM, the Southern California pop station which boasts such on-air talent as Ryan Seacrest, will feature a jam-packed night of DJ sets by the likes of Joe Jonas, Loud Luxury and Dillon Francis, plus special guest appearances by Lauv, Seacrest and many more in a virtual prom live-streamed worldwide!

The god-like ego of a teen is short-lived and impossible to fully recreate. Mainly because they have no concept of the ATO. Also because the music choices you made then are a nightmare you refuse to accept ever occurred.

Yes. This will be painful. Hercules had to slay Hydra in order to once again be a god. You can endure one night of Joe Jonas in order to remember what it was like when your blood pressure was stable and you were positive that you actually existed.

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