Smokie 2019 Tour: You Don’t Want to Know, They Don’t Want to Forget

Craving a simpler time, like, say, the 70s?

When good was good, bad was bad and music was faultlessly brilliant?

Well, good and bad have always been fluid and relative concepts, you cannot live without your smart phone and Starland Vocal Band was Number 1 in 1976.

Nostalgia is the tonic of the ignorant.

But, we admit, the proverb ‘ignorance is bliss’ is not a baseless one. Just last year many of us were encouraging primary school students to place joke bets on the races, safe in the knowledge that all we were guilty of was implanting a life-destroying gambling addiction into the psyches of prepubescent children.

Sometimes the nostalgia drug can avert a psychological breakdown.

So, instead of investing any real time or effort in improving your mental state, why not spend two hours living next door to Alice with Smokie?

Yes, the internationally successful 1970s British rock ‘n’ roll band Smokie will be touring Australia for the first time ever this November!

With chart-topping hits like ‘Living Next Door to Alice’, ‘Lay Back in the Arms of Someone’ and ‘If You Think You Know How to Love Me’ and constant tours of the UK and Europe, Smokie is one of the most popular bands in the world today.

It’s a cruel world we live in.

But if you stand right next to the speakers, for a brief while, you might not be able to hear the screams from the horse abattoir.

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