Small Tremors with Lucy Dacus

It feels as though we’re on the precipice of a massive societal shift and the shift itself seems to be one more permanent than whatever the Boomers felt they achieved in the 60s.

Putting aside the fact that not only have the massive negative economic repercussions of the Boomers’ attitude been brought to light, but the famous protests in which they participated have turned out to be far less impactful than previously thought rendering their historical vanity almost entirely baseless…we now have license to feel the same as they did. And this time, we have more concrete proof that perhaps the change we help elicit will result in something more lasting.

Change is always difficult. But when it has the potential to actually occur, that feeling is brilliant and addictive.

Petty change, on the other hand, is nearly impossible and when it has the potential to actually occur, that feeling is of never wanting to repeat the experience. It speaks to the interruption of a vanity much more personal. You like the foods you like, you like the bands you like, you hate fizzy water because for some reason at the trauma point when your adult personality was created, you decided that’s who you were going to be.

But we all still have an excuse to stay inside, away from the judgement of others. And we’ll only have that excuse for a few more weeks at best. So turn your lights off, plug your earphones in and experiment without shame with a genre infamous for its broad appeal via Royal Albert Home: Lucy Dacus.

Singer-songwriter Lucy Dacus will deliver an exclusive set from her home as part of the Royal Albert Home sessions. Following the release of her widely-acclaimed sophomore album Historian, and the collaborative boygenius EP with Julien Baker and Phoebe Bridgers, Dacus spent the past year rolling out a festive mix of original and cover songs tied to various holidays, including Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Bruce Springsteen’s Birthday, Halloween and Christmas. The resulting record, 2019, is a captivating body of work that foregrounds Lucy’s versatility as both a knockout cover artist and pre-eminent young songwriter voice of today.

A few ballads that would be at home during ‘American Christmas movie starring Anne Hathaway and a Josh Gad type’ won’t completely destroy your contrarian identity.

And if it does, you won’t be alive to feel it.

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