Small Expectations with Scouting For Girls

The worst problem with a period like the one we’ve all been going through, of self-isolation and stymied plans, is not cabin fever nor eventual adaptive agoraphobia, it’s the fact that this period of time allows the mind free rein to contemplate everything it could be.

A large amount of daily responsibilities have been paused and we have had time. Endless time in a shelter away from prying eyes. And, alongside the terrifying fragility of human life, we’ve also had time to contemplate how impressive we have the potential to be when we finally emerge from the COVID chrysalis.

But now the cracks are forming on our cocoons and it’s time to realise that the only thing we’ve developed in these long weeks is a slightly greasy sheen and possible type 2 diabetes.

There are few more harsh realisations than that of unrealised potential which is why you’re going to need a steady soundtrack of defiantly mediocre indie pop to ease you back into daily life as a being that is all it ever will be. First up on the tracklist is Scouting for Girls.

Scouting For Girls shot to fame in 2007 with their chart-topping eponymous debut album, which spawned the singles She’s So Lovely and Elvis Ain’t Dead, and last year celebrated the release of their fifth studio album, The Trouble with Boys. The band headlined the Royal Albert Hall in 2013 and they are delighted to present this show as part of the Royal Albert Home series to bring their catchy indie pop melodies straight to your living room.

There’s nothing wrong with being mediocre.

Genius is fragile and politicians have a monopoly on genuine deficiency.

Mediocrity is a lovely, impenetrable armour.

So lovely.

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