Shut Up and Scream Louder; Cover Your Ears and Listen Out!

There’s a problem in contemporary culture that is unique to the present. It has also existed for millennia and will exist for the next five years when the apocalypse hits.

How can something unique be so commonplace?

We don’t know. Frankly we stopped paying attention halfway through the second sentence for the same reason you stopped paying attention during the first.

The all-consuming nature of one’s addiction to feeling ‘special’ is matched only by one’s refusal to listen to others, though feeling special depends upon the illusion that one is being listened to.

You’d think a modicum of self-awareness would implode the whole problematic system.

And it certainly would, were it not for one very loud thing: dance music.

Dance music is as loud, pointless and obnoxious as the worst kind of human, but it’s not human.

Awareness of the self is bypassed.

Hence the worst, most sensorially offensive genre of music is vital to humanity’s survival.

Want to see it in action?

Come to the appropriately named: Listen Out.

Listen Out is Australia’s premier dance music event, bringing dance music to four spectacular inner city venues across Australia this spring.

Heading up the dance, electronic, and hip hop party this year will be Diplo, rap heavyweight ScHoolboy Q, Atlanta polymath 6LACK, and Flume. Riton (sans his ‘Fake ID’ and ‘Ginger’ partner Kah-Lo) will return to our shores; ditto Denzel Curry, Cosmo’s Midnight, masked rapper Leikeli47, and UK producer Biscits.

Rounding out the line-up will be Aussie stars Set Mo, Wafia, Young Franco, Dom Dolla, recent Elefant Traks signees Coda Conduct, Sydney hotshots Triple One, fellow Unearthed faves JEFFE, Kinder, Miss Blanks, and Ebony Boadu (aka your triple j House Party host) and many more.

That apocalypse in 5 years doesn’t sound so bad now, does it?

Perhaps that should be: ‘won’t sound so bad’.

Well it won’t.

Not after this.

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