Seeking To Reminisce? The Blobfish Beer Festival Will Remind You Why You Shouldn’t

“Australia’s first beer festival dedicated to unique beers! Like the blobfish, these beers emerge from the depths of the beer scene – intriguing, slightly obscure, somewhat unknown but always exciting”.

Welcome, kids. To the declarative pretension of those who seek to appeal to the sensibilities of a young adult that lived through the 2010s.

As an Australian you are definitely aware of the plethora of unique craft beer festivals that occur throughout the year and the fact that none of them are unique.

As a person alive in the 2010s, you are aware of that photo of the fish that looks like the face of a sad, morbidly obese old man inches away from death (google Blobfish).

This is what it looks like when a festival attempts to garner young cashed-up participants by googling ‘how to get views’ and following the instructions.

It’s a shame.

Because the phrase ‘lots of beer’ is absolutely enough to charm young cashed-up people who live in the era wherein Elon Musk can ruminate on nuking Mars.

In deference to the young cashed-up people, let us clarify.

During this festival, Melbourne’s iconic Meat Market will host 16 breweries from across Australia, plus a handful from overseas.

There’ll also be a special festival restaurant, oyster bar, premium cheese, a bottleshop for unique takeaways, live acoustic music, natural wine, and more.

Ignore the desperate appeal to a reference that was tired five years ago.

Drink up.

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