Screw Being Grounded. FLY with Lano & Woodley.

It took them bloody long enough. The pride of Australian comedy have finally reunited, and there is no direct corollary between their reunion and their lack of success following their parting. No one can possibly prove that.

Following an amazing run at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival wherein they won The People’s Choice Award (the show garnering the most ticket sales), the brilliantly physical (and absolutely mental) comedy duo Lano and Woodley are taking their show FLY on tour.

Dubbed virtuosic by critics and entomologists alike and reviled by aeronautical historians, Lano & Woodley are back to prove that it’s not only the sad, lonely, washed-up talents of yesteryear that are reliving their glory via reunion concerts. It’s the sad, lonely and unwashed too.

They haven’t lost any of their genius. The only regret we should feel is for the the 12 years we spent languishing in the pit of gap-toothed comedy substitutes.

We welcome the duo with the winter.

This is going to be one of those days.

Don’t drop the wood.

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