Satisfy Your Most Objectionable Desires At MOULD

Hard or soft, blue or white, fresh or aged.

….Apologies if we misled you.

It’s not what you think.

Necrophilia just isn’t widely accepted in society yet, though we’ve always felt the relative immorality of necrophilia pales in comparison to any real crime.

But…we digress.

This isn’t about getting hot with some prime cold, this is about cheese!

MOULD brings together the best artisan producers from across the country for a day of cheese, wine, masterclasses and more.

Alongside the best Australian cheeses, there will also be a full food program featuring dishes from local cheesemongers and others available to purchase.

The festival also includes a free-flowing font of wine, whisky, sake and beer to ease the endless pain from your other (perfectly defensible) pent up desires and facilitate the intestinal passage of the festival.

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