Responsible Distraction with Logan Ledger, Chance McCoy, Willy Porter & Keb’Mo

An idle mind is the devil’s playground. In other words, the perfect mental state.

Playgrounds are a font of childlike optimism and opportunity and the devil’s only vice was the pursuance of knowledge.

Unfortunately, we no longer have the opportunity for an idle mind because every other bit of our bodies, by virtue of the COVID-19 restrictions, is idle. To compensate, our minds are starting to do the kind of unnecessary callisthenics that lead to a sweaty, chemically enhanced monster that doesn’t immediately quash the impulsive desire to kick a human child in the face or step into traffic, but rather starts to synthesise perfect reasoning for doing so.

So instead of fantasising about the day you can once again be free to be mentally idle, which could result in the cultivation of a disturbing hobby involving how often your neighbours fight and how they’d both be much happier being together as part of a skin-suit, it’s important to provide your mind with an adequate stream of socially acceptable, loud distractions that could serve as legal anecdotes once society returns to normal.

Once such loud distraction is Shut In & Sing with Logan Ledger, Chance McCoy, Willy Porter & Keb’Mo.

Shut In & Sing is a roster of some of your favorite artists…and some people you’ve never heard of. Here is your chance to discover new music, to feel connected to one another and to the artists. By sharing resources, the artists have the possibility of making new fans and even ONE new person makes a difference in their world. This edition of livestreamed music will feature roots artist Logan Ledger, indie folk musician Chance McCoy, rocker Willy Porter and blues artist Keb’Mo.

The world and your world will once again resemble something normal.

And when it does, wouldn’t you rather have the fact that you wilfully listened to a set by someone called Chance McCoy hanging over your head rather than a legally troublesome skin-suit that was already gauche by the late 90s?

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