Reminisce Responsibly At Home with Radiohead

Nostalgia is something the nature of which depends entirely on context. Like Heroin. It can be brilliant, mythic, glory juice in the long-fingered hands of a post-punk musician. It can be hell in the hands of your pantsless unemployed father.

Our present is pulling apart the threads and complexities of nostalgia like it never has before.

The generational denial hovering over a complex pit of centuries-old horror. Also, remember when Springsteen was peaking? How good was that?

Nostalgia is too often undervalued as a brilliant and terrible tool. So it’s a responsibility of a generation who has access to its potential to use it selectively to salve the pains of the present and recognise the horrors it has perpetuated.

In other words, fight for what is right, fight against institutionalised prejudice, then come home and crank up Radiohead.

Yes, now that you have no choice whether or not you fancy staying in, Radiohead will be streaming a live show from the archives every week.

It’s no longer possible to just kill time.

But we can reflect fondly about parts of an era when gazing at the television hadn’t been rendered inconceivable by Netflix.

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