Remember You Can Forget at Brewsvegas

To say the world is in a state of flux would be an understatement. It would also be an overstatement. It would really depend upon the exact second in which you were stating the statement.

The point is, it’s exhausting.

It is inarguably easier to be old or young. The old have carte blanche to be intolerant and they will very likely die within the month and the young could be saying anything and, hell, we wouldn’t understand it.

The fact is that the worst thing to be right now is in your 20s and 30s. You have to face both extended life in a universe gone insane, pretend like you understand everything that’s going on and have a moral stance on it.

So now, more than ever, it’s time you quarter-lifers took your overheated brains into your own hands and immersed them in a pint of gold at Brewsvegas.

Brewsvegas is a grassroots festival, grown from conversations between early good-beer-folks about how to support and celebrate the burgeoning Brisbane beer scene.

The Brewsvegas community is welcoming in the new decade with a 2020 program of events happening across some of the city’s most favoured pit-stops to fuel up on beer, food and fun, including the likes of The Catchment Brewing Co., Fritzenburger, Alfie’s: Craft House, Newstead Brewing Co, Soapbox Beer, Fonzie Abbot, Tippler’s Tap, Sea Legs Brewing Co, Archive Beer Boutique, Netherworld, Mongrel, Brewski Bar, The Foundry, Blute’s Bar, plus many, many more.

There will be everything from golf tournaments and food pairings to backyard barbecues, beer trails, pet nat painting parties and 70s-themed shandy soirees.

Go on.

Take a break from constant culpability.

Your brain’s worn out, but your liver’s plucky and full of potential.

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