Relax, You’re Powerless at Holy Green Festival

It’s the 21st Century.

Scratch that.

It’s the second decade of the 21st Century.

And while the written art of irony may have peaked in the 16th Century, the active presence of it in real life is reaching its zenith in 2020.

Perhaps that’s indicative of how horrifically constructed our lives truly are by big shadowy corporate businesses and corrupt governments that are puppeteering our every move with a combination of consumerism and purposefully ham-fisted policy. Perhaps the notion of free will is not shattered by cosmic determinism, but by a construct of determinism created by the earth-based corporeal gods of Nestle, PepsiCo, Comcast and Mark Zuckerberg.

Well if we’re going to be puppets we might as well have a hip soundtrack to jerk our wooden appendages to.

Enter: The Holy Green Festival.

Holy Green is a diverse Australian music festival, held each year over the Australia Day long-weekend and inviting thousands of music fans to gather. Here they are treated to performances from local & international artists from the worlds of alternative, indie pop & rock with 2020 featuring Bastille, The Jungle Giants, Meg Mac, Winston Surfshirt, Running Touch, Owl Eyes, Adrian Eagle and a TBA Mystery Act.

Being a 21st Century puppet isn’t so bad.

A working set of organs and a complete lack of agency make the consumption of considerable quantities of MDMA at a mediocre music festival both extremely pleasurable and morally not our goddamn problem.

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