Reflecting Nature: An Art Exhibition (Most Of The Exhibits Are Not Yet Extinct)

“Happy new year!”

We’ve always hated that phrase.

There’s an incredible amount of pressure attached to it, and it also assumes that nothing logically terrible has occurred personally or on a world scale within the last 24 hours, which we all know is untrue.

So, in that vein, why not double down on terrible events and visit a contemporary art exhibition?

The exhibition brief is as follows:

The healing and regenerative power of nature is one aspect Bianca reflects on in her new works. Her detailed eye gives her the ability to study and understand the environments forms, colours, patterns and shapes. The reconstruction and representation of nature’s ever-changing scenes holds close links to home; with the flux between nature and emotion informing the scenes of these works.

It’s basically an interpretative exhibition based upon the natural world.

So take out your shiny iPhones, pander to your Instagram following and descend into a stark white echoing gallery and feel the beauty of nature.

We are of course being facetious.

The gallery is on ground level.

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