Rediscover Your Petty Demons with Rufus Wainwright’s Musical Everydays

The edges of one’s world inevitably become familiar and smaller once you’ve peaked as a human in terms of your potential.

Even the most apparently altruistic impact-conscious person will make demons of baristas and angels of bartenders, because without that immediate fantasy, we cease to be the heroes or mavericks within our own stories.

But when a worldwide pandemic occurs, the edges of one’s world suddenly disappear, because the people you’ve demonised and valourised all of a sudden can’t pay their own rent, start knifing people for canned chickpeas and can be seen wiping their arses with shredded exercise pants.

We are all in this together, or, more accurately, those of us without massive quantities of wealth are in the same sh*t soup. The illusion of the power to control your own life is gone the instant you realise your ability to exist is in the wrinkled white hands of a climate change denying Hillsong diehard in a Hawaiian shirt.

But heroes and villains are important to maintaining sanity in isolation.

We all need to live a mildly interesting narrative and, unfortunately, the Liberal government’s geriatric villainy has been presented in an aggressively boring manner. Kicking against the pricks just isn’t satisfying when the prick is as limp as a wet noodle.

So how about a villain with a little more pizzazz? One with a new daily theme song released as a series entitled Rufus Wainwright’s Musical Everydays?

Yes, in reaction to the forced isolation during the COVID-19 era, singer Rufus Wainwright and cause of the term popera will be live-streaming lush live vocal performances every day for the next few weeks via his Instagram Live account.

A man edging towards irrelevance has found a revitalising source of power in a global pandemic that he could not previously buy with his ridiculous wealth. He is livestreaming verse from within his isolated mansion to the proletariat masses.

And he’s doing it with honey-smooth style.

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