Rediscover Your Funner Demons at The Big Chicken and Beer Festival!

Humanity’s circling a moral drain.

Well, it was.

Around 50 years ago.

Now it’s one of those things stuck to the inside of the drain pipe that not even caustic soda can dissolve. Just a globulus mass of phlegmy lung plaque, pubes and 80s hair gel.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could go back to when immorality wasn’t so complex?

When it was easier to be a horrible person without so much psychological bookkeeping?

Perhaps, for one night, you can at The Big Chicken and Beer Festival.

It’s very simple.

Love Chicken? Love Beer? Love Horse Racing?

Enjoy all three for a day and night not to be missed!

The Food Truck Park is pumped to be hosting this year’s Big Chicken & Beer Festival at it’s new location at the Moonee Valley Racecourse! Enjoy gourmet food trucks boasting chickeny goodness, craft beer, cider & wine, live entertainment and all the Grand Final lead-up on the big screen, not to mention joining in the live action of the Moir Stakes Race night!

There you are.

For one brief section of time, don’t grow horns buying quinoa locally produced by human traffickers-cum-gun runners and mass marketed by a conglomerate that addicts babies to powerful opiates.

Earn your place in hell the old fashioned way: gluttony, drunkenness, gambling and little men with whips.

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