Recognise with Ramsey Lewis: Saturday Salon

Effort is an alien concept.

For the portion of generally secure middle class society that was raised by 90s TV, the idea of appearing to exert yourself whilst engaging in anything other than a life and death scenario is sacrilege. But the sedative state of that mindset is dissolved almost immediately by any kind of reality that doesn’t contain aggressive amounts of silicone and/or inbreeding.

The reality projected to us now is that people face the stakes of life and death every day and we’ve been complicit in the formation of these stakes by the ideological nonchalance with which we’ve been taught to face everything.

It’s time for those of us who still, for some reason, think that referencing the TV show ‘Recess’ is a conversational touché to acknowledge the danger of a sedated mind.

Well there’s no better cure for a sedated mind than experimental jazz.

GRAMMY Award-winning pianist and NEA Jazz Master Ramsey Lewis presents an exclusive concert experience. The “Saturday Salon” features a 60-minute performance. At a time when the power of music and art can serve as a unifying force, Ramsey Lewis is looking to reignite the fire and power that can only come from a connection between the musician and the audience. A portion of the proceeds from each performance will benefit The Jazz Foundation of America.

One straight hour of improvisational, experimental jazz.

If it doesn’t jolt you out of your 90s stupor, it’s at least the beginning of your well-earned punishment.

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