Realistic Reminiscence for One Night Only

Nostalgia is poison.

Not sweet poison, but bitter ear-wax, garbage juice-tasting poison that tastes as bad going down as it does when you eventually puke it back up.

An era such as this can make it seem on the immediate surface as though nostalgia is an enticing prospect. But it only takes about ten seconds of adequate contemplation to realise that everything in the recent past has led to this orgy of horror we’re currently squelching around in and thinking back to a specific time in which a specific thing from a specific era made you happy only serves to remind you of how much of a catastrophic moron you were to have experienced happiness rather than powerful fear-based incontinence.

However, existing in a time of unusually pervasive horror carries with it certain lessons that might enable you to live the rest of your life as a slightly less moronic patsy.

Perhaps, through exposure to things that traditionally are valued through the lens of nostalgia, you might just be able to graduate into the year 2021 without banging into as many walls.

Expose yourself with One Night Only.

They’re back. Powderfinger, arguably Australia’s biggest guitar band of the century, are reuniting for a one-off fundraising virtual concert. Dubbed One Night Lonely, the gig will stream on YouTube and will raise much needed money for Support Act, the national charity that helps artists, roadies and music workers in crisis, and Beyond Blue, an organisation that provides advice and support on mental health issues.

It’s time you stopped setting yourself up for disappointment.

Learn your lesson with Powderfinger from before any of them wished you well.

Nostalgia is dangerous and futile. The past is a preamble to future horrors. And that rose tinting it is probably the flush from some new aggressive mutant strain of influenza.

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