Realistic Happiness with Dark Sarah

In times like the ones we’re currently occupying, it’s only natural to yearn for another reality.

A recent past, a more resolved future, or a cartoon porn parody are wonderful wells from which to draw mental water when the actual world around you is not so much devolving into chaos as it is desperately missing the relative order that the pre-2020 notion of chaos provided.

But spending too much time denying reality in favour of a projection is ultimately a bad thing. We’re not maligning psychosis, which has a multitude of practical uses, we’re saying that shutting your mind completely off from the possibilities actual reality affords and devoting your moments of happiness to something seemingly perfect but intangible can result in a happiness so fragile it can be shattered by an arthritic cartoonist’s incorrectly keyframed arse jiggle.

It’s important to develop the ability to experience glimmers of gratification in the mundane, chaotic and ridiculous in order to maintain a happiness that adapts rather than shatters when it is challenged. Practice doing that with Dark Sarah.

Dark Sarah is a Finnish cinematic metal band created by Heidi Parviainen, after her departure from Finnish metal band Amberian Dawn in 2012. With their new album, Grim, they’re starting an astonishing new fairytale-like storyline. The beguiling new dimension, coalescing between crystal-clear vocals and propulsive hardness, draws you into the tempestuous maelstrom of their horror fantasy theme. Experience the album release live.

Is their music cacophonous and their lyrics the stuff of preteen goth angst? Sure. But are they also a bunch of 40-year-olds who dress up like rabbits armed with a collection of gardening equipment and march on the spot whilst a chimeric man-bull in a fur shawl dances around with two giant sentient traffic cones to the sounds of their shrill wailing? Yes.

And doesn’t that make your reality comparatively a lot more gratifying?

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