Raw: The Uncooked Festival.

Don’t worry.

This isn’t a one-person play about someone’s tense childhood with their terse, distant parents.

No, when they say raw, they mean the un-murdered living beings that will experience the pain of being ripped in half by your incisors and a slow death inside the gurgling hellish depths of your stomach acid.

Also ceviche and steak tartare.

Those ones are already dead.

…But where’s the fun in that?

Yes, the Uncooked Food Festival is coming to Melbourne РA two hour feast of bottomless raw food including oysters, steak tartare, prawns, scallops, ceviche and more, plus a complimentary glass of natural wine.

All the notions of eating ‘raw’ and being ‘healthy’ with the requisite murder and intestinal bugs.

Twitch in anticipation.

The scallops certainly will be.



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