Quaff Before Your Quips (You’ll Need It). It’s The Australian Festival of Chamber Music!

Lips swollen from repeated use of the terms ‘bourgeois’ and ‘jejune’?

Well, apologies, but this event isn’t for you.

Because you’ll need the practised lips of a master to be able to swan your way through this event with your pretentious pseudo-intellect intact.

Yes, The Australian Festival of Chamber Music is back once again. They describe it as a friendly, unique and internationally acclaimed event.

Well it’s two of those things, and if you’re not able to identify which two, you’re banned for life.

Presenting a 10 day program of over 30 concerts and special events, The Australian Festival of Chamber Music will allow you to experience the world’s finest chamber musicians performing in various combinations exclusively in the tropical winter warmth of Townsville, North Queensland.

It’s lovely that the temperate climate of Townsville will embrace you.

Because your parents never did and never will.



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