Prepare Your Various Orifices; The Inaugural Bakery Lane Coffee Craft Festival Is Coming!

It’s exactly what it sounds like.

Your twitching blurry caffeine-pumped pupils have not deceived you yet.

Coffee is your god, your saviour and your eventual doom.

Meet your maker in Bakery Lane amidst a glorious all-out fest of expert brews, coffee creme crepes, tiramisu, espresso cupcakes, chocolate spoons and heart monitors.

Le Petit Paris, Cakes and Shit, The New Black, Nomnom Korean Eatery, Jonny’s Pizzeria, TSO Valley Lounge & Dining, Laruche and The Bowery will be dealing the good stuff to the jittery jams of The Fergies and Pink Matter.

Life’s short.

Make it shorter.

Get your buzz, Brisbane, and never look back.

Because your neck muscles have just seized up again.

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