Predictable Nonsense with Animal Collective

Habits are difficult to kick and almost impossible to establish on purpose.

It could be because humans never really grow out of that contrarian stage of life when gaining psychological independence means doing the opposite of whatever you’ve been told to do. It could be because we’re too inherently lazy and self-indulgent to consciously move ourselves to do something regularly that might end up benefiting us in the long term, or to stop doing something that will end up exploding our livers at the age of forty.

But no matter how chaotic your existence may objectively appear to be, there will always be a type of regularity and logic to it. Even the simplest of beings have the concept of cause and effect.

So when you’re presented with something that seems on the surface to be completely incoherent and without an internal logic, remember that it’s still essentially just another bloody pop album.

Speaking of which, Animal Collective is hosting a 10th anniversary party for visual album ODDSAC. The event will include a Q&A with director Danny Perez, DJ sets by members of the band, and a costume contest.

There are crusty jugglers, blind fakirs, walls bleeding oil, medieval warriors, marshmallows and light domestic chores. But there’s an internal logic; an equation. S****y techno + a bad directorial impression of David Lynch = bank.

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