Polish Your Wands and Fluff Your Bunnies, It’s The Melbourne Magic Festival!

Do you believe in magic?

Well then, you’re either a child or someone who is far too old to legally believe in the magic of a young girl’s soul (in which case please surrender your hard-drive to the authorities).

Either way, welcome to the Melbourne Magic Festival!

This event is for both of you, and whoever else is into cheap misdirection.

Yes, The 12th annual Melbourne Magic Festival is back bigger and better than ever.

It promises to take you to the extreme end of visual theatre with over 300 performances of 75 different shows including top international guest magicians from all over the world!

Be amazed as Melbourne becomes a magical hub in winter for 14 days only with special events, workshops, and live shows for everyone from child friendly to adults only.

They have “promise(d) to take you to the extreme end of visual theatre”.

Considering the stability of world politics right now, you can expect a hell of a show.



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