Polish Your Sabre at Shakespeare Under The Stars: Hamlet

Brevity is the soul of wit, and irony its butt implants.

The soul is important, but with Hamlet, as with most of Shakespeare’s canon, it’s that juicy arse you pay to see.

Hamlet is one of Shakespeare’s longest, bloodiest, most tragic and funniest plays and a preference for it above others in Shakespeare’s canon affords you a certain intellectual authenticity.

A benefit which is vital when picking an outing with a significant other or a significant several, because relationships aren’t about genuine emotion, they’re about calculated strikes directed towards each others egos until you’re all lying in a pool of each others destroyed psyches.

Enter: Shakespeare Under The Stars’ performance of Hamlet.

Hamlet is Shakespeare’s masterpiece and arguably the greatest tragedy in the English language. The Australian Shakespeare Company is renowned for presenting top class, innovative and accessible productions featuring the country’s finest actors. This summer Hamlet will provide thrilling entertainment as the court of Denmark spirals from order to chaos.

Starring Andre de Vanny (Swansong, Warhorse, The Rover), Alison Whyte (Macbeth, The Dressmaker), Greg Stone (Cloudstreet, Ladies in Black), Syd Brisbane (Fawlty Towers), Dion Mills (Macbeth) and a full supporting cast.

One may smile and smile and be a villain as long as one brings the wine and the other one brings food of precisely equivalent value.



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