Poisonous Drops in the Ocean with The Crystal Method

Little victories can count for a lot in this world.

Like finally getting out of bed and brushing your teeth after not being able to move for a week. Or managing to pay your rent on time for the first time in your life. Or finally admitting to yourself that Scrubs gave Zach Braff too much of a platform to then be able to go on and finance a string of terrible movies the base concepts of which had clearly lodged in his brain at the age of nineteen and never developed beyond that.

But in saying that, it’s important to remember that little failures also count for a lot.

Like getting a small paper cut and then falling into a lake, or walking into Woollahra whilst being somewhat ethnic-looking.

Or shrugging off the proliferation of techno music as a nineties anomaly that would disappear like Rick Moranis. But unlike Rick Moranis, ignoring techno music only made it fester and multiply. And now we have The Crystal Method: Live.

The Crystal Method is an American electronic music act formed in Las Vegas, Nevada by Ken Jordan and Scott Kirkland in the early 1990s. They were pioneers of the big beat genre. The Crystal Method will be performing a 2-hour DJ set LIVE from Las Vegas on the DRIP MEGASTAGE, beamed out to the international community.

You might think we’re being hyperbolic, claiming techno music is a plague that was allowed to proliferate due to people’s early lack of consideration of the consequences. To each their own, right? But as far as we know, there isn’t an excess of people covered in disease-like markings, growing tumorous backwards hats from their skulls and blasting Johnny Cash out of their car windows or hosting all-night noise-polluting raves featuring the works of Miles Davis. No, these muscle-shirted plague rats have a distinct, horrific sound that they’re incapable of keeping to themselves.

All we’re saying is that perhaps we should learn from what we ignored too easily in the nineties and deal with Illenium now.



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